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          Home - About Us

          About Us

          Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd. (AT&M), established by China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI) in Dec. 1998, which is high-tech enterprise approved by Ministry of Science and Technology and Chinese Academy of Sciences, and also a leading high-tech enterprise approved by Beijing Science and Technology Commission. AT&M is located at the Zhongguancun Science Park and underwent a successful IPO on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2000.?

          With its expertise in metallic materials and services for emerging industries of strategic importance, AT&M provides global high-end customers with advanced metallic materials, products and solutions covering Advanced Functional Materials and Products,Special Powder Metallurgical Materials and Products, High Quality Special Steel and Welding Materials,Environmental Protection and High-end Technology Services,etc. AT&M has established a leading position in the domestic new materials industry and would like to provide more solution by more innovation.


          AT&M was established

          AT&M underwent a successful IPO on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange

          Top 100 strength list of Zhongguancun

          Development History


          Dec. United with Northern Rare Earth, AT&M North Technology Co., Ltd. established


          Dec. Merged with Magco Technology Co., Ltd., AT&M Magco Technology Co., Ltd. established


          Nov. Rewarded as National Trustworthy Company


          Sep. Advanced Technology (Bazhou) Special Powder Co., Ltd. established


          Aug. Merged with Ningbo Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
          ??AT&M Environmental Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. established
          Apr. Merged with Beijing Tian-long Tungsten and Molybdenum Technology Co., Ltd.
          ??ATTL Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. established


          Jun. Gang Yan Diamond Tools (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established
          Sep. Kunshan AT&MIK Co., Ltd. established


          May Beijing ATAS Metal Materials Co., Ltd. established


          May Merged with Tianjin Sainteagle Welding Co., Ltd.


          Jul. Rewarded the Outstanding Contribution from Haidian Park in Zhongguancun Science Park


          Sep. Rewarded the Special Achievements by the ALICE Collaboration of CERN


          Mar. Merged with High Mag Technology (Shenzhen), Ltd.
          Jul. Merged with Heye Special Steel Co., Ltd.


          Oct. Merged with Shanghai Zhigao Amorphous Metal Co., Ltd.


          May IPO in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange


          Dec. Advanced Technology &Materials Co., Ltd. established

          Stock Information

          • Underwent a successful IPO on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2000.
          • Stock Name:安泰科技
          • Stock Code:000969
          • Registered capital: 863 million yuan