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          Equipment Design & Integration
          Equipment Design & Integration
          Equipment Design & Integration
          Equipment Design & Integration
          Equipment Design & Integration
          Equipment Design & Integration
          Equipment Design & Integration
          Equipment Design & Integration

          Equipment Design & Integration

          Succeeded in designing, building and operating hundreds of precision cold rolling and fluid automation production lines; through adopting Industrial IoT data, we provide customers with innovative unmanned, digital factory and other industrial intelligent system solutions. specialized in design and manufacture of precision cold rolling mill and temper mill, we can provide more than 20 types of single stand reversible or continuous rolling equipment with the width of 250mm to 1780mm, 4-high / 6-high / 18-high / 20-high and have put more than 200 sets of various types of machines into production.


          Features are as below:

          ? ?Cold rolling mill:

          ?· ?Compound rolling mill: through the adoption of warm rolling process, composite plate rolling, significantly reduced the rolling capacity requirements of the equipment and improved strength .?

          ?· ?Reverse cold rolling mill: an ideal rolling solution for medium and small scale common carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel? and other non-ferrous metals. Based on product plan and quality requirement, we can provide 4 or 6 high rolling mill to meet various of requirements .

          ?· ?Multi-stand six-roll tandem cold mill: can provide 4-roll or 6-roll multi-stand tandem cold mill, specialized in the production of? cold-rolled sheet and strip coils for substrates such as galvanized, tin-plated and colored coated plates.

          ? ?Light/leveling machine: adopting 4 or 6 high, single or double machine mode to achieve the light/leveling of strip steel, with strict strip elongation tolerance, excellent flatness index and excellent surface quality (roughness, peak number, residue).

          ? ?Hydraulic AGC: It can be used for closed-loop static performance test of various servo systems, which can produce AGC cylinders with the max diameter of 1650mm, max OD diameter of 2300mm, maximum rolling force of 100000KN, with the maximum positioning accuracy of 0.0005mm (aluminum foil mill).

          Typical Applications


          MSB 6-High Tandem Reversing Cold Rolling Mill—Shandong Shenglong:

          ? ?Smooth, stable and controllable plate shapes

          ? ?Improved edge thinning and reducing edge cracking of steel strips

          ? ?Small working roller diameter and rolling force

          Technical Specifications

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