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          Master Superalloys
          Master Superalloys
          Master Superalloys
          Master Superalloys

          Master Superalloys

          Master superalloys are mainly used to manufacture heat-resistant parts for aircraft engines, gas turbines and automotive turbochargers. It can withstand high temperature, oxidizing atmosphere, gas corrosion and heavy stress for a long time, which benefits from excellent thermal stability, creep strength, long-term micro-structural stability, etc.
          Our products are mainly divided three kinds of the master alloys for Equiaxed, Directional and Single Crystal Grain. The diameter of bar ranges from 40 to 175mm, and the length from 800 to 1200mm. Based on our ability of technology and development, experience of trial production and capacity of mass production, the satisfactory customized services could be provided.


          Features are as below:

          ? ?Accurate chemical composition, low inclusion, high purity;

          ? ?Smooth bar surface, standard marking, small secondary shrinkage;

          ? ?The 3-ton VIM provides product with excellent physical and chemical stability, consistency and reliable quality.

          Typical Applications

          Typical applications are as below:

          ? ?Automobile: auto-turbochargers, turbine rod, changeover valves. eg: K418 (INCO713C), MAR-M246, MAR-M247, GMR235 etc.;

          ? ?IGT: hot-end components, compressor blades, heat and corrosion resistant parts. eg: IN738LC, IN939, F14V, GDT111, GDT222 etc.;

          ? ?Medical Implant : artificial joints and so on. eg: CoCrMo (F75).

          Technical Specifications

          Master Supperalloy Brand

          Master Supperalloy Brand
          Brand Identical Brand Application
          K235 GMR235 Automotive??
          K418 INCO713C
          K246 MAR-M246
          K438 IN738LC IGT?
          K939 IN939
          K4169 IN718
          K403 ЖС6К
          K424 ВЖЛ-12У
          K417 IN100
          K640 X40, HS31
          CoCrMo F75 Medical Implant?


          Master Supperalloy Specification

          Diameter mm ? 40±0.5 ? 50±0.5 ? 65±2 ? 75±3 ? 80±3 ? 90±3 ? 100±3 ? 125±3 ? 150±3 ? 175±3
          Inch   2   3     4 5 6 7
          Length mm ≤800 ≤800 ≤800 ≤1200 ≤1200 ≤1200 ≤1200 ≤1200 ≤1200 ≤1200


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