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          Precision Strip for Electronics
          Precision Strip for Electronics
          Precision Strip for Electronics
          Precision Strip for Electronics
          Precision Strip for Electronics
          Precision Strip for Electronics

          Precision Strip for Electronics

          Precision Strips for Electronics mainly refers to stainless steel strip, which apply as various component or parts in consumer electronics, such as SUS304, SUS301, SUS316L. Special physical properties are usually required for these strips, including mechanical properties, thickness tolerance, flatness, finish, roughness, cleanliness, bending, etc. Typical applications: touch switch, backlight plate, connector, power battery plate, etc.
          The minimum thickness of strip is 0.03mm, the maximum width is 450mm, and the tolerance limit can reach ±1.5μm. Various sizes can be customized according to customers' needs.


          Features are as below:

          ? ?Equipped with high precision machine represented by Sendzimir 20-high rolling mill, continuous bright annealing furnace and tension leveler, can sufficiently meet customers’ requirements.

          ? ?Products with homogeneous micro-structure and excellent comprehensive mechanical properties, high thickness accuracy and surface quality, which benefits from long-term R&D, on-site monitoring and AGC control system.

          Typical Applications

          Typical applications are as below:

          ? ?Consumer electronics: screens, BLU(Back-Light Unit) and shield, connectors, parts for wireless headsets, 5G base station devices, etc..

          Technical Specifications

          Precision Strip for Consumer Electronics Typical Product

          Brand TEMPER HV Yield Strength Tensile Strength Elongation
          SUS 301 ANN ≤218 205 520 40
          1/2H 310 510 930 10
          3/4H 370 745 1130 5
          FH 430 1030 1320 3
          EH 490 1275 1570
          SUS 304 ANN? ≤200 205 520 40
          1/2H 250 470 780 6
          3/4H 310 668 930 3
          FH 370 880 1130


          Precision Strip for Consumer Electronics Specification
          Type Thickness/mm Width/mm Length/mm Remark
          Cold-rolled Strip 0.1-2.0 200-450   Coil
          Cold-rolled Thin Strip? 0.03-0.1 200-400   Coil

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