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          Tool Steels
          Tool Steels
          Tool Steels
          Tool Steels
          Tool Steels
          Tool Steels
          Tool Steels
          Tool Steels
          Tool Steels
          Tool Steels

          Tool Steels

          AT&M-HEYE tool steel have three types of HSS-E, HSS and HSS-L. Now the emphasis direction is for the alloy of HSS-E, SF-HSS and PM-HSS. Also new kind of tool steel can be developed according to the customers' practical requirement. Our product serials cover the different specification such as bar, strip, wire and bright material. The roller billet, forged billet for cutter and die, welded billed for cutter can be offered to customers for high utilization and the cost reduction of material.


          AT&M-HEYE tool steel is produced with electro-slag re-melting (ESR) or ladle furnace (LF) + vacuum degassing (VD) refine technology. With totally controlling the quality properties such as chemical composition , carbide shape, surface decarburization, size precision, especially alloy content, carbon saturation, composition dispersion coefficient and purity, we put our quality management into a tight combination with customers’ demand and practical application to offer a guarantee to customers in the reliability and identity of heat treatment performance and utilization property.

          Typical Applications

          AT&M-HEYE tool steel are widely used in drills,taps,tool bit,mills,broach and other tool steels。

          Technical Specifications

          Variety Specification (mm) Surface Condition
          Bar φ8-30 Black leather
          φ30-300 Grilled skin/black skin
          Silver bright material φ5.0-14.5 Polished
          φ15-150 Peeling
          Profile 7.2×7.2~27×27 Black leather
          (3.5-40)×(16-100) Black skin/shot blasting
          (30-200)×(100-400) Black skin/milling
          Wire φ5.5-17 Black leather/polished
          Wire φ1.0-16.5 Black leather/polished
          Pre-hardened bar φ1.0-15.0 Black leather/polished
          Strip (36-65) × (1.5-3.0) Black leather
          (25-55) × (0.65-1.80) polishing
          Forging Round φ(25-350)×(10-300) Black leather/pre-processed
          Rectangular (20-200) × (5-80)
          Welding tool holders, shrinking shank tap blanks, roll blanks, hollow broach blanks, and pre-processed shield roll rings can be customized according to user requirements.

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