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          W-Cu Alloys
          W-Cu Alloys
          W-Cu Alloys
          W-Cu Alloys
          W-Cu Alloys
          W-Cu Alloys
          W-Cu Alloys
          W-Cu Alloys

          W-Cu Alloys

          ATTL is the domestic invention unit of tungsten-copper material and the drafting unit of tungsten-copper industry standard. Our company has been developing and producing tungsten-copper since the 1960s, and has developed several brands of tungsten and copper material system. We have many experience in R&D and production, and our product quality and technology keep high level. ATTL has passed ISO9001, 14001 and OHSAS18001 system certification, can provide you with qualified products.


          With the 6~50% copper(by weight), the W-Cu alloy has integrated both advantages of tungsten and copper. Characterized by good high temperature resistance, arc ablation resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity , high strength, machining-ease, and outstanding sweat cooling ability and specific gravity?,it is widely applied in machinery, electric power, electronics, metallurgy, aerospace and other industries.

          Typical Applications

          Typical applications are as below:

          ? ?Switches or circuit breakers of arc contact and vacuum contact in medium-high voltage application

          ? ?Electrodes used for EDM

          ? ?High- temperature -resistance materials

          ? ?Heat spreader on electronic equipment

          ? ?Electrodes in electric resistance welding

          ? ?Electronic packaging materials and heat sink materials

          ? ?Microwave, laser, radio frequency (rf), optical communication and other high power devices

          ? ?Thermal controlling panel and dissipation devices

          ? ?Lead frame of the high performance

          ? ?Components for aeronautics and astronautic

          Technical Specifications

          Typical W-Cu Alloy Properties
          Materials wt% Density CTE Thermal Conductivity
          Cu W 10-6/K g/cm3 W/M·K
          W94Cu6 6±1 Balance 17.6 6 140-160
          W90Cu10 10±1 Balance 17 6.5 180-190
          W85Cu15 15±1 Balance 16.4 7 190-200
          W80Cu20 20±1 Balance 15.6 8.3 200-210
          W75Cu25 30±1 Balance 14.8 9 220-230
          W50Cu50 50±1 Balance 12 12.5 310-340


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